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What are the laws on outdoor surveillance cameras for home security in Las Cruces?

May 28, 2024
Outdoor surveillance camera overlooking residential property

Are you considering improving your home’s security with video cameras but want to ensure you understand the law regarding their usage? It’s sensible to know if you’re in compliance, and incorporating another sort of protection to your residence is a fantastic idea. Taking that into account, what are the laws on outdoor surveillance cameras for home security? See what you ought to know.

Keep the reasonable expectation of privacy under consideration

One of the chief principles governing inside and outdoor surveillance cameras is the reasonable expectation of privacy. It has been legally accepted that individuals should expect privacy in specific locations. This reasonable expectation of privacy covers settings like bathrooms, bedrooms, and locker rooms. However, it’s completely fine to record video in public spots like the outside of your residence.

Avoid snooping and focus on home security in Las Cruces

Even though laws on outdoor surveillance cameras for home use defend your legal right to put up outside cameras, that doesn’t mean you should aim them at your neighbor’s bedroom or shower window. Always be heedful of how your surveillance components are placed. When you have inside cameras, keep them out of bathrooms and bedrooms, as guests will have an expectation of privacy.

It’s worth mentioning that state laws in regards to surveillance video in public places can vary. However, if you’re using cameras at your home for the sole basis of security, you won’t have anything to fret about.

Are audio recordings allowed in Las Cruces?

Audio recordings from surveillance cameras is not as straightforward. Despite the fact a federal law (18 U.S.C. § 2511) authorizes the recording of private discussions when a single party agrees, state laws fluctuate. Most states follow the single-party consent stipulation, but many mandate all-party authorization in various situations. Review the breakdown by state. If you live in a single-party consent state and are participating in the discussion, you may record audio legally without seeking permission from the other individuals.

What are the leading choices for outdoor cameras in Las Cruces?

Video cameras have come a long way in recent times. You can now opt for handy wireless options and find beneficial features like HD imaging, night vision, wider viewing angles, and motion detection. Some innovative cameras even come equipped with built-in deterrents. For example, some devices deter intruders by illuminating an LED light and triggering an alarm. This is an effective way to defend against porch pirates and invasions.

Install a Vivint home security system with surveillance cameras

Elevate your home’s protection and effectively dissuade crime with a comprehensive smart home from Vivint. We offer some of the top surveillance devices in Las Cruces, including options with active deterrents. You’ll benefit from this extra security layer and the instant alerts you get whenever a camera perceives suspicious behavior. Contact us at (575) 567-8689 to see what we have to offer.